TRAILER: The Cali Cartel Rises to Bloody Power in ‘Narcos’ Season 3

Lead Photo: Photo credit: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix
Photo credit: Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix
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There’s a reason Netflix’s show about the drug cartels in Colombia wasn’t simply called “Pablo Escobar.” Despite keeping the infamous Medellin kingpin at the center of its first two seasons, the binge-worthy drama was always more interested in telling the larger story about drug trafficking in the South American country. It’s why the Golden Globe-nominated series will be able to continue fleshing out that tale even after ending its second season with (SPOILER ALERT) the death of Escobar (sorry fans of Wagner Moura’s passable Spanish!). We knew going in that the third season would focus on the Cali Cartel. And with its latest trailer, we finally get to see what that looks like. Namely, more guns, more drugs, more amazing 90s fashion, and a slew of healthy mustaches on some of your faves, including Pedro Pascal.

The Game of Thrones actor is back playing real-life DEA agent Javier Pena as the agency readies to control the ever-growing Cali cartel, who was all too eager to fill in the void left by Escobar. It’ll be no easy feat. As we’re told in the action-packed trailer, “To take down the gentlemen of Cali, you’d have to crazy, stupid, brave, and lucky. All at the same time.” With scenes of car bombs exploding, men about to be dismembered, and a shootout in a hair salon that seems straight out of Scarface, this season looks to be the bloodiest yet.

The trailer was unveiled in New York City today in a food truck delivering sugar-powdered donuts and Colombian coffee. It helpfully introduces you to many of the new faces that take center stage this coming season. That includes brothers Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela (Damian Alcazar) and Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela (Francisco Denis), the leaders of the cartel, Pacho Herrera (Alberto Ammann) who runs the Mexican connection and international distribution, and Chepe Santacruz Londono (Pepe Rapazote), who runs the satellite NYC empire of the Colombian drug network. And while they don’t get much airtime in this first sneak peek at the coming season, consider us intrigued both by the addition of Sense8‘s Miguel Angel Silvestre as the cartel’s money launderer, Broad City‘s Arturo Castro as the eldest son of the Cali cartel’s leader, and by the brief glimpse we get of Colombian acting royalty, Margarita Rosa de Francisco, who will further add more local-cred to the Netflix hit show when it returns next month.

Check out the full trailer below.

Narcos premieres worldwide September 1st on Netflix