Loira Limbal, the Afro-Latina Filmmaker Behind ‘Through the Night’ Doc, Is Raising Money for NY Daycare Centers

Lead Photo: 'Through the Night.' Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival.
'Through the Night.' Courtesy of Tribeca Film Festival.
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When you come across someone as kind-hearted and supportive as Deloris “Nunu” Hogan, you not only hold on to them, but you amplify their story.

Dee’s Tots Childcare co-founder Nunu, alongside her husband Patrick Hogan, run a 24-hour daycare center in New Rochelle, NY. Since opening in 1985, they’ve become lifesavers to parents who work tirelessly–multiple jobs or overnight.

In the upcoming Firelight Media documentary, Through the Night, Afro-Latina director and producer Loira Limbal and producer Jameka Autry document the ins and outs of the beloved, hard-working daycare and features the backstories of its founders and two working mothers–essential works–who depend on the daycare.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Nunu is determined to take precautions and stay open. “We are staying open until they shut us down because our parents need us. It is a little bit scary because every person who walks in could bring in COVID-19.”

Alongside home-based daycare centers and parents, Limbal is also organizing a fundraiser, Essential Care Fundraiser, to raise money in support of NYC-based daycare centers that essential workers depend on. “Our goal is to raise $50,000 to provide 10 home-based daycare centers in New York State with some financial support to continue operating so they can remain open and provide care to children of essential workers,” she shares on the GoFundMe page.

Through the Night will make its debut in 2021.