TRAILER: This Mexican Horror Masterpiece May Be the Most Disturbing Movie You’ve Ever Seen

Lead Photo: Courtesy of 'We Are the Flesh'
Courtesy of 'We Are the Flesh'
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Over the decades, horror films have continuously pushed the boundaries of social acceptability, to the point where images of torture and gore are par for the course in the prolific genre. But even with this unprecedented level of desensitization, it’s easy to forget that there are still uncharted thematic waters that can turn the stomach of even the most hardcore horror lovers. And it seems Mexican director Emiliano Rocha Minter has gone out of his way to remind us of that fact with his debut feature Tenemos la carne (We Are the Flesh).

Set in an apocalyptic alternate universe, We Are the Flesh follows a brother-sister duo who happen upon the filthy lair of a diabolical hermit, and quickly fall under his utterly demented spell. With action confined to the hermit’s squalid residence, explicit scenes of incest and body gore ensue, with shots of soppy, ground-up human flesh complimented by more unconscionable taboos like drinking your sibling’s menstrual blood.

Yet this is all done in a hypnotic visual style, with abstract compositions, atmospheric lighting, and an expressionistic sound design lending a sort of twisted beauty to the whole affair. It’s no surprise that Mexico’s arthouse master Carlos Reygadas, renowned far and wide for his own shockingly beautiful imagery, signed on to the project as co-producer alongside none other than Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Sure, it may not be light viewing, but for anyone interested in seeing a talented young director pushing the boundaries of cinema, you can enter below for the chance to see We Are the Flesh in either Los Angeles or New York courtesy of Arrow Films, where it will be opening on 1/13 and 1/20, respectively.

If you happen to be in San Francisco, San Antonio, Phoenix, Albuquerque, or a host of other cities, worry not – We Are the Flesh will also be coming your way throughout January and February. Keep an eye on the film’s Facebook page for dates.

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