TRAILER: Wilmer Valderrama Stars in Trippy Sci-Fi ‘Minority Report’ TV Reboot

Lead Photo: Photo: Bruce MacCauley / FOX
Photo: Bruce MacCauley / FOX
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Remember the days before Google and Wikipedia, when Wilmer Valderrama was just an ethnically ambiguous brown guy on That 70s Show who no one could quite figure out? Who would have thought way back in those simpler days that 17 years later he would be one of the most recognizable Latino faces in Hollywood? I mean, just over the last couple years, he’s been holding down a starring role on El Rey Network’s From Dusk Till Dawn, while acting in a string of features alongside the likes of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

But even with all this visibility, it would seem that the previous network glory of Valderrama’s 70s Show days have eluded the Venezuelan-American since the show wrapped up back in 2006. Until now, that is. Yes, Valderrama is back on Fox primetime. The occasion is a television adaptation of Steven Spielberg by way of Philip K. Dick’s science fiction headtrip Minority Report, which blew up box offices back in 2002.

The series will follow the same future-predicting wunderkind, Dash, several years after his pre-crime unit has been disbanded. Recruited by a couple of police detectives to help them do their jobs, Dash also begins a desperate search for his long-lost twin and fellow precog. Part-Puerto Rican actress Meagan Good plays Lara Vega, the shrewd police detective trying to stop the crimes that Dash predicts, while Valderrama plays her sarcastic boss, Lieutenant Will Blake.

Minority Report premieres Monday, September 21 at 9 pm on Fox.