TRAILER: In ‘Zoom,’ a Cartoonist Sketches Her Ideal Man and It’s Gael Garcia Bernal

Grab a pencil and paper and make yourself comfortable. Now close your eyes and imagine your ideal man. Start drawing the shape of his face, then fill in the hair, eyes, nose; now move down to the arms and torso. Now stop. Is he starting to look like Gael García Bernal? Yes, he is. And that’s perfectly okay. In fact, it’s the premise of a new film by Brazilian director Pedro Morelli, who is perhaps best known for his previous father-son directorial outing, Entre Nós.

But this latest film, entitled Zoom, gets a lot weirder once Gael has actually been drawn. You see, the artist in question is a young lady who happens to work at a sex doll factory and moonlights as a comic book artist. When she’s disappointed by a breast augmentation surgery, and her boyfriends reaction to her new bosom, she starts doodling her way to her ideal man, bestowing him with some exceptionally large loins before erasing and reducing them to a minuscule stump. In the cartoon world that Gael García Bernal’s character inhabits, this sudden and unexplained reduction in his manly vigor sets off a creative crisis just as he is filming his latest feature.

Yeah, sounds like a head trip, and it doesn’t stop there. Yet another meta world-within-a-world is introduced when the character in said film-within-a-cartoon-within-a-film begins writing a novel and introduces yet another fictional world. But luckily you don’t have to hurt your brain trying to make sense out of all this, because Zoom was picked up for U.S. distribution by Screen Media and will soon be available in select theaters or on-demand for our viewing pleasure. In the meantime, they’ve provided us with the clip above that showcases Morelli’s stylish flair, along with a taste of GGB’s cocky cartoon alter ego.

Release info has not yet been made public, but keep an eye out for dates and VOD info for Zoom.