This Mexican News Show Aired a Clip of ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Thinking It Was Real

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Disney
Courtesy of Disney
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Here’s an example where the term “fake news” is actually warranted. During a broadcast of TV Azteca’s news show Hechos Meridiano anchor Alejandro Villalvazo talked about an incredible traffic stop accident where a truck seemingly flips a whole 90 degrees, destroying a bridge right above it in the process. “What happened?” he asked on camera while showing footage of the truck’s mind-boggling accident. “Who knows! That’s why I told them that everything is a mystery. It is not known what happened. So nothing more.” His breathless play-by-play would have you believe this is a stunt out of a Hollywood movie. Which, if you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War, you would know it is.

Yes, the footage being shown on a national Mexican TV news broadcast was a behind-the-scenes outtake from one of the most recognizable action sequences in that Marvel tentpole film. Offering a different angle from the one that graces screens all over the world when the Cap film was released back in 2016, the video shows the great on-camera stunt work being done by the crew of the blockbuster hit which coordinated explosions and the truck accident in one fell swoop.

That explains why the question Villalvazo was asking (“What happened?”) seemed to have no answer since big-ass trucks don’t randomly flip on their side. As to whether we’ll be able to answer that same question when it comes to this major on-camera gaffe, that’s another story. Though we wonder whether the Twitter trending topic #VillalvazoEsUnPendejo (which first appeared back in 2012) may come back to haunt the Mexican anchor yet again. In the meantime, do enjoy his running commentary on the amazing stunts at work in Captain America: Civil War in its entirety below.

[h/t: Sopitas]