In This Series, Two Taco Journalists Take Us on a Tour of the ‘United Tacos of America’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the filmmakers
Courtesy of the filmmakers
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When it comes to tacos, you have no better guides than self-described taco journalists Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece. The duo are wellsprings of knowledge when it comes to the most famous of Mexican delicacies. Thankfully, the two have made a point of sharing all they know (and eat!) with audiences far and wide with their eight-episode series, United Tacos of America. The road-trip foodie dream of a show follows the two as they hop from city to city filling us in on everything from birria in Los Angeles and carnitas in Chicago to brisket in Austin and nixtamal tortillas in New York City.

Chronicling the taco both as a food and as an institution, as a cultural crossroads and a mouthwatering invention, each episode is equal parts history lesson and gastronomic anthropology. Interviews with local taco stand owners and restauranteurs frame each episode as a reminder that despite being a Mexican staple, the taco thrives all across the United States, all too easily mingling with Creole, Asian and BBQ cuisine to create the kind of food you could only find in the U.S.  Oh, and, of course, there are plenty of close-ups of all sorts of delicious-looking tacos that’ll make you want to have a pair or two handy, lest you get too hungry in the process. This is all to say, now that this El Rey network show has aired its entire season, there is no better time to dig into Rayo and Neece’s eight-city/episode tour from the comfort of your home.

United Tacos of America show promo

Mira, Look! Our first traila for #UnitedTacosofAmerica tv show. Show premieres on El Rey Network on #TacoTuesday, Oct. 15.

Posted by United Tacos of America on Thursday, October 3, 2019

United Tacos of America is available to stream now.