Up Close with Diego and Gael

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Rudo y Cursi practically besieged the Tribeca Film Festival during its premiere on Sunday night. Fans had begun to form large lines that stretched all along the block and a swarm of bees disguised as reporters, photographers and camera men surrounded the barricaded red carpet, awaiting their prey.

I was there on the red carpet, I waited and waited while more reporters and what seemed to be an unlimited amount of psychopaths and fans hung to the rails for dear life. Cameras were at the ready, fingers cocked and mouths half opened as everyone tried to come up with witty questions for their prey. The prey were Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, stars of the film.

We waited and waited until, gasp, a car pulled up beside me and these Mexican Gods came out, knowing what was in store.  All hell broke loose, passerby could be excused thinking that an accused rapist was being hauled off by the police. Gael and Diego, creatures sent to the slaughter were sent my way. My fingers fumbled; the camera was brought to life and click, click, click, I had done my duty.
Alas, they were led to the opposite direction as newshounds peppered them with inane questions, mispronounciations of Gael (“Gaiiiil!”) and the two heroes fended them off with ease. Their phalanx of friends, guards and staff held off the hoi polloi at bay.

Meanwhile, I tried in vain to ask Gael and Diego something, anything. I had come to the brutal realization that I had not done anything except take blurry pictures of a bespectacled Gael and a trailing Diego, so this was my ticket in. However, it was not to be. The locusts of reporters snatched victory away from me and I was beside myself. I had done the best I could, yet it was not enough. My compatriots had left me dangling and yet, I was still satisfied. For a brief moment, I had stood in the company of great men.

You can try for yourself  today at the SoHo Apple store where the stars will be giving a talk along with director Carlos Cuaron.

Below photos of the glitzy after party sponsored by Cazadores Tequila at Bar Artisanal in Tribeca, where some other Remezcleros had the opportunity to rub shoulders with them. I hear the generous tequila tastings and pomegra-ritas helped them ease into the crowd much better than yours truly on the carpet.

“I’m not happy to be here”

Director Carlos Cuaron (tiene un aire de Steve Jobs) and a very serious, smoldering Diego.