Puerto Rican Hip-Hop Legend Vico C Is Getting a Biopic

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Fans of *the* pioneer of rap en español and of Puerto Rican hip-hop will be happy to know that Vico C is planning one more comeback. This time, he’ll be putting the story of his groundbreaking, rollercoaster ride of a life on film.

“We’re going to start filming a movie about my life in Puerto Rico in a month,” El Filósofo told the Dominican Republic’s Luminaria TV. “With that will come new music – everything that you would expect with the noise that a movie makes. We’re going to take advantage [and] come out strong.”

Vico’s been talking about making a movie about his life for awhile — as far back as 2013, he was thinking about the project in relationship to his mortality:

“I think that I have had enough trajectory and drama in my life between scandals, changes in attitude, ups and downs to make a film…It’s something that, definitively, is going to happen. I want to do it before I die.”

He estimated that shooting would start next month, and that the film would be released to the public early next year.

The New York-born, San Juan-raised rapper’s 1989 album La Recta Final is considered a seminal work in the genre. He ghost wrote for a number of early Latin American rappers, like El Comandante and Lisa M. Later, he fell into drugs, then out of them, then into a newfound Christianity.

In the same interview in which he announced his upcoming biopic, Vico gave props to DR rapper Lápiz Consciente. Vico commended Lápiz for being the first to draw his interest to the DR’s hip-hop scene; he also announced an upcoming collaboration with the Dominican MC.

Vico admitted he’d only recently heard of Mozart La Para, one of the DR’s other rising stars, having previously thrown him a version of Mariah Carey’s famous JLo shade. “They asked me if I knew about Mozart and I was like, ‘Sure I have some of his albums,’” Vico remembered. “[I have] Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky.” Happily, Mozart seems to know that it was the unintentional slight of an OG rapper who admits he’s just not as glued to music media as he could be.

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