Watch Actress Zoey Luna Marvel at Witchy Powers in ‘The Craft: Legacy’ Trailer

Lead Photo: Instagram: The Craft Movie
Instagram: The Craft Movie
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Black magic is in the air again, 24 years after the teenage horror movie The Craft hit theaters in 1996 with levitating pencils and blood rituals.

In the sequel, The Craft: Legacy, which is scheduled to be released on VOD October 28, four new witches, one of them played by transgender Latina Zoey Luna, form their own coven when a new girl moves into town.

Coproduced by Jason Blum under his Blumhouse Productions moniker and written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (Band Aid), the film stars Cailee Spaeny (On the Basis of Sex), Gideon Adlon (Blockers), Lovie Simone (Selah and the Spades) and newcomer Luna, whose only credit comes from one episode of the FX series Pose.

In the trailer, Luna, Adlon, and Simone’s characters take a new girl (Spaeny) under their wing when she starts getting bullied at school. Designating her as their “fourth,” the young women learn that their supernatural abilities have passed on to their latest recruit.

In one scene in the trailer, Luna’s character brushes her hand across the new girl’s face and magically dusts her with glittery eyeshadow. In another, she uses her powers to help the coven levitate a human body.

“What else can we do?” Luna says with a mischievous glint in her eye. There’s no sign yet of any brujeria that Luna’s role might bring to the film, so here’s to hoping any of the occult religious beliefs from the Latinx culture have found a way to manifest into the screenplay.