WATCH: Anya Taylor-Joy & John Leguizamo Are in For a Feast in Comedy-Horror ‘The Menu’

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres
Art by Stephany Torres
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Despite being at a fancy dinner party, Anya Taylor-Joy (The Northman) and John Leguizamo (Encanto) don’t look like they’re having too much fun in the first full trailer for the comedy-horror The Menu.

The film, which will make its debut next month at the Toronto International Film Festival before hitting theaters in November, follows a group of wealthy guests who buy their way into an extravagant dinner prepared by a celebrity chef named Slowik (Ralph Fiennes).

Taylor-Joy is Margot, a young woman who has arrived at the $1,250-per-seat event with her significant other Tyler (Nicholas Hoult). Leguizamo’s character is only described as a “movie star.”

In the full trailer, the guests are ferried to a remote island where the festivities will take place. “Tonight will be madness,” Tyler says. He later explains that “the game is trying to guess what the overarching theme of the entire meal is gonna be.”

Although the guests know the object of the game, it’s unknown whether any of them will actually make it all the way to dessert since Slowik seems to be a bit unhinged. Is the unnerving presentation just part of the show or is something sinister happening in the kitchen? “Jesus Christ!” Leguizamo’s character says when someone pulls a gun out in the dining area. “This is real isn’t it?”

Margot looks just as frightened as the other guests when someone’s finger is sliced off, we’re guessing right after they served the appetizers. Hopefully, it doesn’t end up at the bottom of the crème brulée and that Anya Taylor-Joy and John Leguizamo make it out alive. 

The Menu will hit theaters on November 18, 2022.