WATCH: Ariana DeBose Takes On Classic Disney Storyline in Teaser Trailer for ‘Wish’

Lead Photo: Disney
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From Pinocchio’s hoping to one day become a real boy to Cinderella’s desire to go to the royal ball, the idea of “wishing upon a star” has always been a cornerstone of many Disney films over the last 80 years. Let’s not forget Aladdin who got three wishes to try to impress a princess. Now, Disney is taking the theme of wishing to the next level with their upcoming animated feature aptly entitled Wish.

The first official teaser trailer for the film debuted online Thursday morning (April 27), and it looks like there is plenty of magic to behold for Disney aficionados as Asha, a 17-year-old girl from the Kingdom of Rosas, wishes upon a star to save her home from impending darkness.

Asha is voiced by Oscar-winning Ariana DeBose, who wrote, “Welcome to Rosas 🌟 xoxo Asha” on Instagram alongside the teaser trailer.


In the trailer, it is explained that there is “a place where wishes come true” and “where your heart’s desire can become a reality.” Viewers meet Asha and her pet goat Valentino (Alan Tudyk) as they look over a balcony and onto their beautiful land located off the Iberian Peninsula.

King Magnifico (Chris Pine), the magical ruler of the Kingdom of Rosas, promises to grant the deepest desires of all those who come to him with their wishes. The catch is, he can only decide “which wishes will come true and when.” And our lead Asha, she’s not about to give up her wish that easily.

One night, Asha wishes into the nighttime sky and encounters Star, “a celestial ball of boundless energy that Asha’s wish calls down from the sky.” What follows is Asha chasing Star around and Valentino (Alan Tudyk) eating the wishing dust it’s shedding and gaining the ability to speak. Star even brings a couple of flowers to life. 

Later, we watch Asha get surrounded by pink, purple, and blue butterflies and be surrounded by flying birds in an open courtyard. This all happens as Debose belts out the film’s main anthem, “This Wish.”

This will be the 62nd animated feature film produced by Disney and the first time Ariana DeBose has lent her voice to an animated movie. Last year, she voiced a blue whale named Lulu in an episode of Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies

Wish will premiere at theaters nationwide on November 22, 2023.