WATCH: Cardi B Conquers Kitchen to Create Chocolate Treats on ‘Cardi Tries’

Lead Photo: Facebook
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Cardi B satisfied her sweet tooth on the latest episode of Cardi Tries on Facebook Watch. Call it Cardi B and the Chocolate Factory.

During the episode, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper invited singer and songwriter Teyana Taylor with her to the kitchen to make chocolate. Before they got their hands dirty, Cardi B explained her thoughts about chocolate to viewers. “Chocolate to me just doesn’t taste good,” she said. “It embodies sexiness.”

Both singers managed to keep the sexiness factor high by turning the chocolate-making lesson into an opportunity to drop as many sexual innuendos as possible in the span of about 15 minutes. Dressed in pink and baby blue aprons and short waitress dresses, the duo connected with Kriss Harvey, owner of andSons Chocolatiers in Beverly Hills.

Harvey started by teaching Cardi B and Taylor about how chocolate comes from the cacao tree. He then showed her some heart-shaped chocolate candies that Cardi B compared to a certain part of the human body. “That looks like a butt, for real, for real!” she said. “I never thought I would be eating a– this way.”

Later, when they learn how to make bonbons, Harvey tells them that the chocolate pouring from a fountain “comes out way faster than you think.” Cardi replies: “It always do.” Then, Cardi B and Taylor make their husbands a gift by pouring chocolate into a mold in the shape of a female bust. At first, both think the mold looks like a penis. “We have a dirty mind,” Cardi admits.

Once the chocolate bust is out of the mold, Cardi B delivers her parting words: “These mens, they have no choice but to eat us.”