WATCH: Edgar Ramírez & Mandy Moore Star in First Trailer for ‘Dr. Death’ Season 2

Lead Photo: Peacock
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The official teaser trailer for the second season of the true-crime drama anthology television series Dr. Death was released Friday (October 20), and from the looks of it, fans should anticipate a lot of manipulation from its new lead character.

Season 2 of Dr. Death, which is based on the third season of the Wondery podcast of the same name, stars Edgar Ramírez as Paolo Macchiarini, an Italian surgeon who became notorious for his synthetic trachea transplants, which resulted in the deaths of three patients in Sweden.

Known as the “Miracle Man,” Macchiarini’s practice comes into question when a group of fellow doctors make some shocking discoveries about the surgeon. Mandy Moore plays investigative journalist Benita Alexander, who becomes romantically involved with Macchiarini.

In the trailer, Ramírez’s Macchiarini is seen walking through the hallways of a hospital as a narrator introduces him as “a professor, researcher, and thoracic surgeon.” In the next scene, Macchiarini tells audiences through a voice-over that the work he does “could change the world.”

The rest of the trailer consists of more voiceovers from characters who are concerned with the Macchiarini experimental surgeries. “It’s all smoke and mirrors,” one man says. Someone else says, “I need to know the truth.” Benita asks him pointedly, “What did you do, Paolo? What did you do to them?”

In 2022, a Swedish court cleared Macchiarini of two assault charges and gave him two years of probation. Prosecutors recommended Macchiarini be sentenced to five years in prison for causing bodily harm, but the court ruled that he did not intend to harm his patients.

Dr. Death Season 2 premieres on December 21, 2023, exclusively on Peacock.

This piece was written during the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the actors currently on strike, Dr. Death being covered here wouldn’t exist.