Watch First 15 Minutes of ‘Army of the Dead’ Where Ana de la Reguera Rips through Zombies with Gatling Gun

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Early Thursday afternoon (May 13), Netflix hosted a global livestream event on its YouTube channel for people interested in “unlocking” the first 15 minutes of director Zack Snyder’s upcoming zombie action film Army of the Dead.

In attendance was Snyder and stars Ana De La Reguera, Dave Bautista and others who helped participants interact in the comment’s section and move to different stages of the game. Now that the “vault” has been unlocked, audiences are given a 32-hour window to watch the film’s first 15 minutes.

Thirty-two hours is the same amount of time the main characters have to break into a Las Vegas casino vault filled with $200 million. The only problem is that the crew must fight their way through an ocean of zombies (and a zombie tiger) surrounding the casino if they want the cash.

The first 15 minutes of Army of the Dead start with a convoy of military trucks transporting something through a restricted area in the Las Vegas desert. When one of the trucks crashes head-on with a newlywed couple, the payload, a vault, is thrown off the back of the truck and into the middle of the highway.

Inside the vault: a zombie that looks like he’s taken a few steroids to bulk up to the size of a WWE wrestler.

After he dispatches all the soldiers, the film cuts to the inside of a Las Vegas casino where zombified showgirls and tourists are running amok and biting everyone they come across to the tune of “Viva Las Vegas.” Outside the casino, some of the film’s main crew, like Bautista and de la Reguera, are maneuvering their way through thousands of zombies and trying to get out of the area.

At one point, de la Reguera gets behind a gatling gun set up on top of a vehicle and rips through one of the undead limb by limb. With that much firepower, she did a lot better than one of the soldiers in the scene who parachutes into a group of zombies waiting on the ground to turn him into a buffet.

Army of the Dead will hit select theaters on Friday, May 14 and Netflix on Friday, May 21.