WATCH: Gloria Calderón Kellett’s ‘With Love’ Premieres Season 2 Trailer

Lead Photo: Credit: Kevin Estrada/Prime Video
Credit: Kevin Estrada/Prime Video
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The official trailer for Season 2 of the series With Love debuted Thursday (May 4), and it’s evident that executive producer Gloria Calderón Kellett is keeping the romance, drama, and comedy at peak levels.

In Season 2, viewers will see Lily Diaz (Emeraude Toubia) caught in a love triangle with Santiago (Rome Flynn) and Nick (Desmond Chiam), who both profess their feelings for her. Lily, however, is more interested in focusing her energy on expanding her makeup styling business and buying a new home. Meanwhile, Lily’s brother, Jorge (Mark Indelicato) begins to wonder if his relationship with Henry (Vincent Rodriguez III) is really going to work.

At the start of the trailer for the 6-episode second season, Lily walks into Jorge’s office and he engages with her in a very businesslike manner. “Why does it feel like my brother’s about to break up with me,” Lily says.

Jorge tells his sister that she has the tendency to lose herself in relationships. “Once a cute boy comes along, you neglect the things you care about.” Jorge isn’t shy about telling his sister that she’s now in the “danger zone,” especially since Santiago and Nick are in love with her.

Jorge seems to be having his own relationship problems. He loves Henry, but he’s not sure if he likes Henry’s parents, who are a bit too proud of their connection to Texas. And it’s the first time that Jorge has had a relationship like this. He’s scared.

Later, Lily lays out her master plan that she knows will make her happy. “I need to grow my business, move out of my parent’s house, fall in love, get married, become Beyoncé’s personal makeup artist, and live happily ever after,” she says.

Sounds like as good of a plan as any.

With Love Season 2 premieres on Prime Video on June 2, 2023.