WATCH: ‘Shotgun Wedding’ First Trailer Features JLo & Josh Duhamel in Action-Packed Rom-Com

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/Prime Video
Courtesy of Youtube/Prime Video
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Nearly two weeks after Prime Video teased us with first-look photos of Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding, the official trailer has dropped – and so has our collective jaws with how great Lopez looks in the action-packed preview.

Shotgun Wedding, which was partly shot in the Dominican Republic, stars Lopez and Josh Duhamel as Darcy and Tom, a couple who get their families to travel for their destination wedding, only to be taken hostage by a group of armed pirates.

At the beginning of the trailer, Tom is busy making wedding decorations, while Darcy, dressed in pajamas, is trying to get his attention on more appealing matters. “Honey, maybe we should just call it a night,” Darcy tells Tom as she suggestively slides across the bed. When Tom’s mother (Jennifer Coolidge) walks in on them, she only has one question she wants to ask Darcy: “Is that genetics or is it, like, Pilates?”

With all the guests in attendance, including Darcy’s ex (Lenny Kravitz), the wedding is starting to take shape. Pirates, however, decide to crash the ceremony, which leaves Darcy and Tom stressed out about how to save everyone from getting murdered. 

Now, Darcy and Tom are trekking through the jungle in a wedding dress and white tuxedo and are fighting for their lives as pirates attempt to track them down. One of them even has a grenade, which Darcy is able to pry from his hands while being zip tied to Tom.

As a version of Edwin McCain’s 1997 song “I’ll Be” plays in the background, we watch the couple ride on a zip line as they get shot at and get a chance to shoot a few guns, too. We’ll soon find out if Darcy and Tom can prove their “love is alive and not dead.”

Shotgun Wedding is scheduled to be released on January 27, 2023, on Prime Video.