WATCH: ‘SNL’s Marcello Hernández Taps Into His Latina Side on ‘Weekend Update’

Lead Photo: NBC
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Marcello Hernández returned to the Weekend Update set on Saturday Night Live to talk about why he thinks the rate of depression in American men is at an all-time high.

After calling Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost “papa,” Hernández said that to understand why men are depressed, society has to look at women. Jost didn’t think his opening reasoning was a good place to start, but Hernández continued and explained that he grew up in a house full of women.

“It was me and four women,” Hernández said. “When that happens to you … you have no choice…”

Jost then interrupted him to finish his sentence, “…but to become the man of the house.” That, however, wasn’t what Hernández was going to say. Instead, he said, “…[but] to become a woman. I was a woman for many years – a proud Latina woman.”

Hernández said he was living a double life. At school, he was yelling at his fútbol teammates and at home he was giving his mother opinions on her fashion choices.

At this point, Jost seemed a bit confused at how these comments had anything to do with depression in men. Hernández explained that men are depressed because they don’t support each other like women do.

“When a woman goes through a breakup, all her friends show up,” Hernández said. “When a guy goes through a breakup, his boys just act like his flight got delayed.”

In the end, Hernández also admitted that men are also depressed because of a “variety of other psychological and genetic issues,” but chose not to expand on that because he didn’t write any jokes on the topic.

On past Weekend Update appearances, Hernández has talked about everything from short kings to Latinos in the MLB.

Watch the full sketch from Weekend Update guest starring Marcello Hernández.