WATCH: Michelle Rodríguez Has Us Sold with the Official Trailer for ‘La flor más bella’

Lead Photo: Netflix
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In the upcoming, Spanish-language Netflix series La flor más bella (The Most Beautiful Flower), actress Esmeralda Soto stars as Michelle, “a fabulous and undeniably true-to-herself teenager” who is trying to survive high school and all its “social expectations, family traditions” and dramatic love stories.

Mich’s mission is to become popular. While she has all the confidence to do it, others at the school aren’t interested in getting to know her. They apparently can’t see past her curvy body type and dark skin tone. Mich is also discovering her own sexuality. Is she bisexual? Pansexual?

La flor más bella is inspired by comedian Michelle Rodríguez’s experiences during her teenage years. According to Netflix, the series will “convey a message about the importance of taking down labels, believing in yourself, and learning how to shine in your unique way to achieve your dreams.”

In the official trailer for the series, Mich points out all the “Whitexicans” at her school and wonders what it would be like to be part of that clique. She gets her chance when she hooks up with one of the guys from that group. After a make-out session with him, however, he embarrasses her by telling the rest of his “Whitexican” friends that he doesn’t know who she is.

“No eres una güera de ojo azul,” one of Mich’s friends tells her. “No eres talla cero. Estás hermosa…”

Later, Mich meets a new girl at her school, Majo, and is immediately attracted to her. She describes herself to one of her friends at the “pinches máximo” and wants the whole world to see her as she sees herself.

We can’t wait to meet Mich ourselves when La flor más bella premieres on Netflix on December 7, 2022.