WATCH: Pedro Pascal Gets Interrogated in Hilarious Lie Detector Interview

Lead Photo: Lionsgate
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“Just before you put it on me, I just wanna say I’m innocent,” actor Pedro Pascal joked as he was strapped into a lie detector machine for a recent interview with Vanity Fair. Pascal was promoting his new film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which hit theaters last Friday (April 22).

The test didn’t start off very well for Pascal who lied on his first question about whether he has partaken in any illegal substances before. “No, I’ve never done drugs,” Pascal said with a straight face. The polygraph administrator was quick to reveal that Pascal was caught fibbing. “He’s lying,” he snapped back at the actor, who began to laugh.

Pascal seems to realize early on that there was no way he was going to beat the polygraph test. When asked if he thought he was a “heartthrob” like so many of his fans do, Pascal answered that he did not. Unfortunately, that was another lie. The admin revealed that Pascal wasn’t telling the truth when he said he didn’t think he was a heartthrob. “Really?” Pascal said seemingly surprised. “Yes, I’m a heartthrob.”

One of the biggest laughs during the interview came soon after when Pascal admits that sometimes he looks at Instagram accounts that are devoted to how hunky he is. His favorite: @PedroPascalFanAccount.

Other revelations during Pascal’s lie detector test: He’s “relatively” hairless. He’s been fired at least 10 times. He sometimes calls Grogu “Baby Yoda” on the set of The Mandalorian when the cameras aren’t rolling. And that the strangest thing anyone has ever said about him on social media is that he looks like actor “Orlando Bloom if he was hit in the face with a shovel.”

See the entire lie detector interview below, where they also reference our “sweet girlfriend” interview with Oscar Isaac and the follow-up “scrabble” one with Pedro Pascal.