WATCH: Rosa Salazar Plays Accused Killer Bride in Trailer for Dark Comedy Series ‘Wedding Season’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/Hulu
Courtesy of Youtube/Hulu
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Here comes the bride…and she might be a killer!

In the upcoming dark comedy series Wedding Season, Rosa Salazar (Undone) stars as Katie, a bride who finds herself surrounded by dead bodies on her wedding day. Someone has killed her new husband and his family at the reception. Now, police must find out if it was Katie or Katie’s ex-fiancé Stefan (Gavin Drea) who murdered them.

In the first trailer for the Hulu original series, audiences are introduced to Stefan as he runs into a church to object to Katie’s marriage. Katie cheated on Stefan, and he’s not very happy that she’s moved on. Soon after his outburst, he’s in handcuffs and being questioned by police because someone poisoned the groom and his relatives.

The scene cuts to Katie sitting at the head table at her wedding reception, staring blankly into the distance as her husband and in-laws lie dead with their faces on their dinner plates. Viewers soon find out that Katie and Stefan’s affair began when they met at another wedding.

When Stefan questions Katie after leaving the police station, she denies that she is a criminal. However, the trailer suggests that maybe her family was caught up in some shady business. “You don’t get money like ours by being nice,” a family member says.

Now, Katie is running for her life, and it looks like Stefan is running alongside her to help. “Someone’s made very sure that I’m going down for this, unless we figure out what’s really going on,” she says.

Finding the real killer might prove to be difficult when you have bullets whizzing by your head. “What can I do?” Stefan asks. Katie responds: “Not get shot!”

Sounds like a good plan to us.

Wedding Season, starring Rosa Salazar, premieres on Hulu on September 8, 2022.