WATCH: Salma Hayek Breaks Down Playing ‘Terrifying Version’ of Herself in ‘Black Mirror’

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of Netflix
Photo Courtesy of Netflix
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During an interview on Good Morning America last week, Oscar-nominated actress Salma Hayek (Frida) talked about her role in the sixth season of Black Mirror. In the series, a woman named Joan (Annie Murphy) stumbles across a streaming drama series that mirrors her own life. Portraying Joan on the Streamberry TV show, aptly titled Joan is Awful, is Salma Hayek.

Hayek described the fictional version of herself as a “terrifying version of me.” She said she was “shocked” when she read the script but wasn’t surprised that it was exactly what Black Mirror is known for – bizarre narratives. For Hayek, this particular episode is a “parody” of who she really is.

“It’s kind of like an opportunity to make fun of yourself,” Hayek said. “They were afraid I wasn’t gonna want to do something [like that], and then I wanted to take it even further. I have a very good sense of humor about myself.”

Hayek also called the experience “humbling” and something that gave her the “freedom to be very bold about things you wouldn’t do in real life.”

“It gave me that permission to be extra extra extra extra,” Hayek said. “I loved being this crazy version of myself with [Annie Murphy].”

Later, Hayek was asked what she would tell herself as a kid about her future. She had a few pieces of advice. “I would say, ‘Relax, you’re going to find the best man in the world for you. You’re going to be in love and stay in love.’”

She continued “I would also say, ‘Relax, you’re going to have a career even though everyone tells you you’re never gonna get there.’ And also, ‘You’re gonna have children.’ And also, ‘There will be a new world where there’s this thing called selfies.’”

Salma Hayek has jokes. It’s no wonder The Daily Beast called Hayek’s performance in Black Mirror the funniest of her career.

Hayek’s Black Mirror episode, “Joan is Awful,” is currently streaming on Netflix.