Watch This Spanish Guy’s Hilarious Parodies of ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

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We all know that Hollywood action movies follow a pretty simplistic formula, but not everyday does a Spanish metalhead dress up in a bra and crop top to get that point across. Today is one of those days. Behold Zorman.

Yes, Spaniards have never been renowned for their sense of humor, and we’re still not exactly sure if this is funny, but there is some morbid pleasure to be derived from watching Mr. Zorman’s deadpan breakdown of classic action movie plots. In the end it’s all pretty straightforward: bad guy/evil force threatens humanity, good guy/reluctant hero rises to the task, good guy falls in love, complications ensue, final battle, good guy won, all is right in the universe. Throw in some cheap flash animation and dubious green screen work and you’ve got a formula for a social media sensation.

In addition to action movies, Zorman’s taken on more romantic fare from 50 Shades of Grey to Titanic, and he even took the time to give us a line-drawn breakdown of Alfonso Cuarón’s Oscar-sweeping science fiction thriller, Gravity. And we’ve got to admit, he makes for a pretty convincing Sandra Bullock.

While Zorman’s “Películas en 30 Segundos” series has garnered fairly impressive click traffic on the interwebs, the real bread and butter of the channel is his parody of a clueless gangsta-rapper named MC Revolver who seems to be struggling through those uncomfortable few hours immediately following dental surgery. We’ll spare you the difficult experience of sitting through bars like: “Hola soy MC Revolver y soy rapero / Mi madre ama de casa, mi padre panadero / Vengo del Bronx, allí aprendí a matar /Soy más peligroso que jean claude van damme”, but if you’re an avid consumer of internet oddities feel free to take a stroll through Zorman’s channel. If the internet can be credited for one thing it’s democratizing comedy, and our collective sense of humor is all the weirder for it.