Watch the Trailer for Pablo Larraín’s ‘Lisey’s Story,’ but Maybe Not While Alone

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Apple TV+
Courtesy of Apple TV+
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Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín (Jackie) is stepping behind the camera to direct his first American TV series and based on the first trailer, things look chilling enough not to try watching it alone.

Based on the 2006 novel by acclaimed writer Stephen King, Lisey’s Story follows the title character Lisey Landon (Julianne Moore) who becomes the target of a stalker (Dane DeHaan) after the death of her successful novelist husband Scott (Clive Owen).

In the trailer, we see Lisey trying to connect with Scott as he seems to fade in and out of reality. “I have visions,” Scott says. “I write them down. People pay to read them.”

These visions seem to carry over after Scott’s death and Lisey is left to pick up the pieces. It also looks like she’s tasked with solving a puzzle that Scott set up before he died in the form of a scavenger hunt that he and his brother invented when they were kids.

Things become dangerous for Lisey when a man obsessed with Scott’s work (we’re getting Misery vibes) comes looking for his unfinished manuscripts. But as Lisey thinks back to Scott’s life and “how crazy his imagination” could become when he wrote, she begins to wonder about his sanity and her own.

Larraín has worked with Moore in the past as a producer on the 2018 drama Gloria Bell. During a Q&A session on Reddit in 2014, King named Lisey’s Story as his favorite of the novels he’s written.

With other King-inspired series ongoing like Creepshow and Mr. Mercedes, and upcoming ones like The Talisman, it doesn’t seem like King fans will be searching for new content anytime soon.

Lisey’s Story premieres on Apple TV+ June 4.