Rita Moreno Will Make You Cry in ‘West Side Story’s First Trailer

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Last night (April 26), during the Oscars ceremony, the long-awaited first teaser trailer to Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story remake was unveiled…and, oh my God, if the voice of Rita Moreno doesn’t make you cry tears of joy, are you even human?

The remake to the 1961 classic is one of the year’s most highly anticipated releases. The film wrapped production in October 2019 and was supposed to be released for the 2020 holiday season until the pandemic shuttered movie theaters. The film is now set to open in theaters December 10.

The teaser opens with the same whistle as the original film does, as it scans over locations in Jets vs Sharks territory. A wall with the Puerto Rican flag mural appears with the black etching saying “This is our place” appears, followed by a glimpse at Kelly’s (which my guess is the new Doc’s Drug Store), and then a wall appears with the words “This is our time” written in the background of a boxing ring in a shadow. As the shadow figures of the Jets and the Sharks meeting for battle black out, you’ll hear Rita Moreno start to sing “Somewhere.”

The remake also stars Ariana DeBose as the iconic Anita, who Moreno originated in the 1961 film and won the only Oscar ever given to a Latina: Best Supporting Actress. Moreno will also be appearing in Spielberg’s remake. She will be playing Valentina, who owns the corner store in which Tony works.

ABC7 caught up with Moreno and her daughter on the carpet. When she was asked if she’s expecting another nomination for the film next year, Moreno replied “I just saw it and it is thrilling. Oh my god, [Spielberg’s] such a movie maker.”