Win Tickets to "Cinco De Mayo: La Batalla," Movie And Learn What The Holiday is Actually About

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Every May, Latino-centric publications in the U.S.write pieces about how no one knows what Cinco de Mayo is actually about. This year, you can read yet another history lesson on how the holiday actually commemorates the Battle of Puebla, OR you could just go see this fun-looking (and very literally titled) movie: “Cinco De Mayo: La Batalla.”

The trailer contains many of the ingredients necessary for a solid war epic: intense battle scenes, crazy mustaches, an underdog to root for, a love story, and a color palette that looks like the “Brannan” filter on Instagram.

Cinco de Mayo: La Batalla opens on May 3rd in theaters in Los Angeles and the O.C. and we’re giving away pairs of free tickets. Watch the trailer below (it has no subtitles…sorry) and sign up to win!

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