Lynda Carter Opens Up About Sexual Abuse She Endured While Starring on ‘Wonder Woman’ Series

Lead Photo: By ABC Television - Public Domain, Link
By ABC Television - Public Domain, Link
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Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter isn’t afraid to speak her truth, whether it’s about how ridiculous the UN is for revoking Wonder Woman’s honorary ambassadorship or celebrating the crazy stuntwork of her popular ’70s superhero series. Now, she is joining the countless voices in the ever-growing #MeToo movement. A new interview on The Daily Beast sees her admit she has been the victim of sexual abuse and harassment.

The actress opened up about an unspecified assault in her past. She wouldn’t divulge the name of her attacker but emphasized “he’s already being done in” and she didn’t want to add to the accusations, especially if it was doubtful they’d help. When asked about why she never reported any of the harassment Carter is blunt. “Who are you going to tell…Who’s going to believe you?” She says many women just created a network of reportage, telling each other “‘Watch out for this casting director’…’Watch out for so and so.’” When the reporter asked if the man was actor Bill Cosby, Carter’s representatives refused comment.

On top of this disclosure was further discussion of the half-Mexican actress’ time as a popular star and sex object. She mentioned that a Warner Bros. cameraman once drilled a hole into her dressing room while on the set of her comic book series. This man, she revealed, was caught and fired.

Out promoting the upcoming Smithsonian Channel series she narrates Epic Warrior Women, Carter also looked at her time playing the titular Wonder Woman. The series aired on CBS from 1975-1979. She says she never felt the character was objectified, despite criticisms against the character’s costume. “They don’t worry about objectifying men. Because she looks like a woman, is that objectifying?” Though she still has two costumes from the show – one fan-made and the other official, the actress has embraced aging. “It is what it is. I’m not going to get all cut up.”

Carter remains a legend, and with good reason. Her honesty about #MeToo, politics, and her career as a superhero are refreshing in a landscape where celebrities are often scripted in their interview responses.

Watch the Lynda Carter-narrated mini-series Epic Warrior Women March 19 on the Smithsonian Channel.