‘Brujos’ Is a Slick Web Series About Gay Latino Brujos That You’ll Never See on Network TV

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Brujos is finally here. Eight months after a successful crowdfunding campaign hyped up writer-director Ricardo Gamboa’s transgressive, critical theory-fueled web sitcom-novela about a coven of gay Latino brujos in Chicago, the series’ first four episodes have officially hit the interwebs – and Remezcla is bringing you an exclusive first look.

Keeping in line with the tone set by the show’s original teaser, Brujos showcases an effective mix of humor with elements of the horror and thriller genres; but this time around Gamboa and his team had the funds to bring some impressive production value to the whole affair.

Revolving around a gay co-living space in Chicago’s lower west side barrio of Pilsen, Brujos kicks off with the arrival of a demonic presence that seems to have it out for our grad student warlocks. Under the guidance of a Boricua santera, the brujo roomies learn of an ancient society of white, colonialist witch-hunters who have returned to wreak havoc on the woke wizards of Pilsen.

This quickly leads to a tragic murder and subsequent cover up, then leads to another murder and… well you get the point. There’s plenty of high-stakes, over-the-top novela-worthy drama to keep you watching, with no shortage of clever jokes (provided by the group’s snarky güero attaché, Brian,) and frequent asides for some enlightening queer theory classrooms discussions.

Overall, it’s a potent combination, and more importantly, the strong narrative is buoyed by solid performances and slick directing from Gamboa and co-director Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke. Stream the first four episodes here and stay tuned for more from this exciting and groundbreaking project.