You Should Stream: This Chicano Rockabilly Love Story Goes Deep Into East LA’s Underground Scenes

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Los Angeles has always provided an alternately gritty or glossy backdrop for Hollywood’s dream factory, but rarely to we get to see a true native take us by the hand down the rabbit hole of LA’s working class hoods. That’s partly what makes the Chicano rockabilly love story Cry Now so special – director Alberto Barboza grew up in the LA County Gateway City of South Gate, and knew exactly what he was getting himself into when he penned this noir-tinged tale of underground music, street art, and star-crossed love in East LA.

And now, a full two years after the film premiered at LA’s AT&T Center, Cry Now is available for rental or purchase on Amazon Video. In case you missed our coverage back in 2014, Cry Now follows Vincent, a street artist searching for love and meaning. His quest to woo Luzy, a tattooed and fierce femme-fatal is complicated by a jealous girlfriend who’s not willing to let him go. Vincent’s search for Luzy, a chola Madonna practically lifted off the pages of Love and Rockets, is the vehicle by which we experience LA’s unique music scene.

The film is topped off by live performances from iconic bands like Very Be Careful, Doghouse Lords, and Irene Diaz; and features Chicano punk meccas like Self Help Graphics alongside the work of LA street artists. For anyone looking to take a dip into the vibrant world of East LA’s subcultures, Cry Now is about as authentic as you can get. And you can now watch it from the comfort of your iPhone.