You Should Stream: ‘Chinga la Migra’ Web Series Is a Master Class on How to Resist ICE

Lead Photo: Screen shot of 'Chinga la Migra' web series
Screen shot of 'Chinga la Migra' web series
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With the images posted daily on the news of the horrific goings-ons in immigrant detention centers throughout the United States, many are feeling compelled to take action. The new web series Chingra la Migra hopes to educate audiences about what’s happening in the US with regards to immigration in a way that’s both heartbreaking and heartening.

Conceived of by Mijente Director Marisa Franco, and produced by Mijente staff, Chingra la Migra will be stopping in various towns with ICE deportation centers to show the growing protests associated with the mass deportations being led by the Trump administration. The series blends eye-catching graphics and bright colors with hard-hitting journalism. It’s also great to see subtitles in both English and Spanish, making this accessible to people who speak both languages as well as the deaf or hard of hearing. Host Alejandra “Ale” Pablos travels to Seattle, a supposed “sanctuary city” and home of the Northwest Detention Center.

Referred to as the “Gates of Tacoma” by immigration activist Maru Mora, the Northwest Detention Center is considered the feather in the cap for ICE, proof of how well-cared for the detainees living inside are. This is negated by activists interviewed who mention those inside had to endure a hunger strike in order to force more humane conditions. Shacorrie Tunkara details her husband’s struggles as he wallows inside the Northwest Detention Center, providing a face for all those trapped inside. Throughout the six-minute video, Pablos interviews Mora about her own attempts to stop ICE and the intimidation tactics they’ve unleashed against her leading to an upcoming court date. Footage of protests outside the center which is next to the DMV are also shown, emphasizing the fierce commitment of the protesters as cops cart them away. Pablos also shares her own story about dealing with ICE culminating with the show’s motto – referred to in its title – “Chinga la migra” (or in English “Fuck ICE.”)

Chinga la Migra is an engaging and lovingly put-together package that gives audiences just enough information about what’s currently happening without overloading them with information. Take six minutes out of your day to watch what is happening now.

The Mijente team is bringing Chinga la Migra to other cities throughout the U.S. including Chicago, North Carolina, and Tennessee. You can submit your city for consideration on their official website.