You Should Stream: ‘Headless’ Short Film Is an Heir to Iconic Queer Documentary ‘Paris is Burning’

Lead Photo: Photo by Ryanjayphoto. Courtesy of Sebastian Sdaigui
Photo by Ryanjayphoto. Courtesy of Sebastian Sdaigui
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Sebastian Sdaigui’s short film Headless is full of practical advice like: “Don’t suck dick on a full stomach.” Following three performers living in New York City, Sdaigui’s doc is a playful look at the unapologetic queerness at the heart of the work and life of Robot, Cesar, and Infinit. It’s shot in rooms filled to the brim with artwork, empty backlots that become impromptu dance floors, and rooftops that are as open as these young men.

Of course, such gendered labels become almost useless here. These black and brown boys are comfortable wearing heels, nail polish, wigs and anything else they might so choose. Their approach to gender fluidity is infectious. As Bronx-born Cesar talks about his own decision to embrace who he is and what he wants to project onto the world he says he wants to inspire young kids of color and to embrace whatever they see themselves as. That message of empowerment is felt throughout Headless, which feels like an heir to the iconic queer documentary Paris is Burning.

Scored by two bangers (Princess Nokia’s “Tomboy” and Death Grip’s “LSDXOXO”) that all but make you want to join in on the dancing you see on screen, Headless is a celebration of queer artistry and identity. As Jean Carlos Pinae (aka Robot) puts it, “Not every movie has to be about a person being gay-bashed and then being like this whole crying moment of getting over it. No. Like, we are powerful. We are those bitches. We do walk confidently. We don’t always have to be the victim. That’s what I want this movie to be. We are not the victim, bitch. We are the predator. It is our time. You live in our world.” Check out the full short below.