Watching a Trump Robot Get Destroyed in This Hilarious Short Film Is Oddly Satisfying

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It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that Donald Trump’s proposed “big, beautiful” border wall, together with his massive deportation campaign, is little more than the irrational pipe dream of a second-rate megalomaniac. The sheer money and manpower required for such an endeavor would bankrupt the country while diverting precious human resources from actual social problems – and no, Mexico’s not going to pay for it. Not to mention the physical and geographical barriers that make a wall actually impossible.

So naturally, to truly imagine a post-Trump future we would have to depart a bit from this thing called “reality” and delve into slightly more fantastic territory. And that’s just what Uruguayan creative studio Aparato did with their latest VFX-heavy short film M.A.M.O.N.

Taking us to the Mexican border region, M.A.M.O.N. imagines a steady flow of Mexican immigrants – professionals, laborers, and beauty queens; documented and not – being catapulted mercilessly over Trump’s concrete wall. When one irate permanent resident turns to a call box to demand fair treatment, his taco stand is delivered brusquely over the wall and he’s met with a $450,000 invoice.

It isn’t long before the slighted deportees start making a stir, but they are quickly silenced when a massive Trump robot emerges from the other side to crush dissent with a minuscule metal wiener used to launch deadly rockets. A series of would-be heroes emerges with the best of intentions, only to be squashed or – in the case of one Mexican diplomat – turn tail and run off like a coward. That is, until a giant floating Mayan pyramid bearing an image of the Virgin Mary delivers an unlikely savior.

Check out the hilarious short film below, and take a moment to remember just why you’re heading to the polls tomorrow.