You Should Stream: This Weird But True Webseries About Chasing Boat Robbers & Getting Rowdy in Miami

Our friends from Miami’s Borscht Corp arts collective are at it again, and this time they’ve stepped into the big time, producing a webseries for MTV’s newest digital venture, MTV Other. Touted as a platform for “short shows and random weirdness,” it seems MTV Other is the perfect fit for co-creators Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer’s ironic, artistically-minded sense of humor. Their eight-episode short form web series entitled No Seasons profiles the twisted underbelly of Miami through the re-enacted adventures of the creators’ good friend and artist Julian Yuri Rodríguez.

Averaging about five minutes a piece, No Seasons seems to be what happens when you turn a camera on your slightly unstable friend who always seems to get himself into absurd situations. Of course, each episode is expertly directed by Mayer and Leyva – with one episode even directed by Julian himself – and showcases expert comic timing and strong visuals to complement their surreal, slightly demented story universe.

Stylistically, No Seasons adopts a classic interview/re-enactment format to dramatize Rodríguez’s only-in-Miami escapades, though somehow Mayer and Leyva to be making fun of this very strategy. Over the eight episodes, we witness high-stakes armed jet ski chases, children’s birthday parties interrupted by ritual animal sacrifice, and impromptu trips to space camp. Overall, it makes for satisfying binge-watching with a whole lot of punk rock attitude.

Check out the whole season of No Seasons on MTV’s YouTube Channel.