Your Guide to Everything Latino at Tribeca Film Festival: Movies, Talks & Virtual Reality

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2014 Tribeca Film Festival Guide

If you are like me (and every other Latino) you are sick of seeing movies where the people that look like us are only maids, janitors, undocumented immigrants or drug dealers. The Latino experience is so much more complex; it spans continents, languages, and cultures. This year’s Tribeca Film Festival, running April 16 – 27, is filled with films that offer diverse portraits of Latinos (including a few requisite drug traffickers).

There are stories about New Yorkers searching for love, a black-and-white ode to slackers set during a Mexico City student strike, a divorced Miami chef who buys a food truck (his ex-wife is played by Sofia Vergara), a Venezuelan kid who’s obsessed with having straight hair, a naive Afro-Colombian teen who gets caught up in drug smuggling (produced by Spike Lee), plus documentaries on transgender youth in Puerto Rico, Diego Maradona, soccer during the Chilean dictatorship, and the Argentinian pretty-boy boxer Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez.

Amidst the screenings are celebrities, red carpets, film talks, and immersive transmedia experiences complete with virtual reality goggles. Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, John Leguizamo, and lots of the directors are scheduled to appear.

Ticket prices aren’t cheap. (Do they have a minority scholarship?) But this year, thanks to a corporate sponsor that shall go unnamed all screenings on Friday, April 25 are FREE! To help you plan your movie marathon staycation here’s a list of all the Latino movies and events at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.


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Tribeca Talks

Movie screening followed by a live conversation with notable actors and filmmakers.

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Immersive Art Exhibits

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Short Films

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