Anthony Bourdain loves the Roosevelt Avenue Arepa Lady

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The idea behind chef/foodie/television personality Anthony Bourdain’s new Travel Channel Show, Layover, is simple enough: which places in a city must you absolutely hit up to eat/drink if you, say, had only a 24 hour layover there? Granted, with all the amazing places in NYC, it must have been hard to pick when the show visited…especially when your own restaurant is in said city.

Imagine our surprise, then, when good ol’ Tony recognized one of our own: apparently, even a world-class chef that’s eaten the best local food all over the world can’t resist the charm of Jackson Heights’ trusty street arepa vendor, Maria Piedad Cano. She’s listed on the episode’s city guide:

Felicidades, Maria! The Remezcla staff is glad that the larger world is recognizing all the greasy shit we stuff in our faces late at night and then tearfully regret for what it truly is – world class goddamned cuisine.

Did anyone TiVo this? Is the video of Bourdain in Jackson Heights on YouTube somewhere? The first person to provide us with this video wins…well, our gratitude and respect. And isn’t that really the greatest prize of all?