The Obamas Went In on Some Mole at Cosme, NYC’s Buzziest Mexican Restaurant

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In more than two years, Cosme’s fed Oscar winners/nominees Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Adele, topped New York Times’ list of best NYC restaurants, and at times, had a months-long reservation waiting list. But one of the Mexican eatery’s biggest achievements actually came on Monday when Barack and Michelle Obama decided to drop in to Enrique Olvera’s Flatiron District restaurant. According to Eater, the pair ate blue shrimp, short ribs, duck carnitas, mole, and tuna tostadas.

Because they’re not like us, the Obamas didn’t post pictures of their date onto their social media accounts. However, 25-year-old Chef Ricardo Verdejo posted an image of the receipt onto his Instagram. And – as one does after cooking for the president – told his mom. “Mom, Mom!!! Today I cooked for the president,” he wrote.

Other people also posted images and videos online, so here’s a few blurry pics of the Obamas at Cosme: