This 15 Year-Old’s Empanada Sales Pitch Went Viral, and Now Carlos Slims’ Right-Hand Man Wants In

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Fifteen-year-old Franciso Orihuela Ramírez may be the only person capable of selling a basket of empanadas on Shark Tank. The Acapulqueño became a viral sensation after tourists captured him making the most compelling sales pitch, probably, ever. “If you don’t buy these empanadas, you will have to wait 86,400 seconds – the 24 hours from today until tomorrow – thinking about how you missed out on an empanada,” he said. “If you buy, it would bring you double satisfaction because you could eat empanadas worthy of your palate and you’d help the economy of a sympathetic empanadero from Acapulco, who had the resolve to finish his working day at an early hour.”

When the person recording him asked if he could have a free tasting, Orihuela astutely came back with reasons why this would be a bad business decision. The video has made him Internet famous because of his businesslike speech, and the natural-born entrepreneur has additionally caught Arturo Elias Ayub’s eye. Ayub – who as a child bought school supplies and sold them to his classmates – is now Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s right-hand man. Obviously, Ayub can appreciate a good hustle. He’s also the right person to get him on Shark Tank México: Negociando con tiburones.

Check out Orihuela’s make his very convincing case below: