¡Adiós, Choco Taco! Klondike Discontinues Ice Cream Treat After Nearly 40 Years

Lead Photo: Credit: BXGD/Flickr
Credit: BXGD/Flickr
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It’s probably the only taco that wouldn’t taste good with a little salsita, but hearts are still melting over the news that Klondike’s Choco Taco will be discontinued after spending the last 40 years in store freezers.

According to Eater magazine, the Choco Taco was invented in Philadelphia in 1983 by Alan Drazen, the senior vice president of the Jack and Jill Ice Cream Company. The frozen treat consists of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a taco-shaped waffle shell and covered in milk chocolate and peanuts. It will take its final bow at the end of July.

Despite the sadness of having to say goodbye, there were still plenty of funny comments on social media to keep us entertained while news of Choco Taco’s demise settled in. Although labeled a “taco,” some people found nothing Latine about the ice cream. “Choco Taco taught me it was okay to be Hispanic but really only appeal to white people,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another joked that the country is probably going to experience some pain now that the treat no longer exists. “The Choco Taco was the last thing holding this country together but y’all not ready for that conversation.”

At least one celebrity took joy over the fact that the Choco Taco was no más. Comedian Roy Wood Jr. (The Daily Show with Trevor Noah) was never a fan of the ice cream and voiced his opinion back in 2020 when he called the Choco Taco one of the three worst ice cream treats ever invented. He posted a follow-up on Monday (July 25).

“Two years ago, Choco Taco Hive came for me. Yet here I stand, vindicated,” Wood Jr. wrote. “You spent days slandering me. What you didn’t spend, was money on them folded ass ice cream cones. Always be brave enough to stand alone. This is a beautiful day.”