WATCH: Man Picks Woman to Date Based on Mexican Dish She Cooks Him

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If you’ve ever seen a TV dating game show, you know that contestants can typically get selected for a date based on some type of interaction between them and the protagonist. Imagine, instead, that you swiped right based on how much you liked someone’s cooking.

That’s the social and culinary experiment recently presented in a video by BuzzFeed. In the video, host, and producer Chris Ortiz explains that he is looking for a date and will choose between three young women based on how much he enjoys the Mexican dish each of them cooks for him.

The first contestant was Kelly, who made carne asada tacos for Ortiz. She explained that she used to make tacos with her grandmother. Ortiz was immediately excited when he saw the final product on his plate.

“This looks amazing right now,” Ortiz says. “How did this woman know that I love steak tacos?” Ortiz commended the flavors and seasoning of the carne asada but also said the tortilla was a bit too thick for his liking.

The second contestant, Katty, made Ortiz carne asada nachos with homemade pico de gallo. He enjoyed them but said he didn’t “know how Mexican nachos are.” The third contestant, Maria, also made carne asada tacos and flavored them with beer, as she learned from one of her uncles. Ortiz said Maria’s tacos were “the most authentic-looking…I feel like my aunt could’ve made this.”

We won’t spoil Ortiz’s final decision, but we will say that he got three good meals from the entire experience. Now, what’s for dessert?