The Infamous Cronut Creator Is Doing Crazy Things With Churros & Here Are the Reactions So Far

Lead Photo: Photo by inspired_by_the_light / iStock / Getty Images Plus
Photo by inspired_by_the_light / iStock / Getty Images Plus
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Churros are a perfect culinary creation. With sugar covering every inch of the crispy treat, there’s really no need for improvement. But that doesn’t mean that some won’t try. Dominique Ansel – the man who blended the croissant and donut into the cronut – recently introduced the Churro Duo in his Japanese bakery.

The interlocking churro pyramid can stand on its own, but it’s not just the design that Ansel made over. Instead of using a flour dough, he uses white and black sesame. The white sesame churro is doused in cinnamon sugar, while the black sesame gets covered in black sugar. A warm salted caramel dipping sauce comes on the side.

According to Grub Street, the new Churro Duo is currently only available at Dominique Ansel Bakery’s Japan location. It could make its way to London and New York, and if it it’s anything like the cronut, then people will line up for hours to try it. But if it never makes its way to NYC, you can take comfort in the fact that churros are readily available and amazing the way they are. Plus, buying churros off the streets means you’re supporting a local vendor.

Check out Grub Street’s video of the Churro Duo below:

While part of the internet is loving, others are confused/not impressed. Check out a few reactions below: