Cinco de Mayo: The Parties, The Chihuahua Races, The Lime Shortages

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evenge will be afflicting a fair share of sombreBros…..just kidding. Sort of.


We all know that Cinco de Mayo is just an arbitrary holiday gringos picked to allow them to throw on their Party-City-bought sombreros and appropriate Mexican culture without too many consequences. But after all the debaucherous drinking and eating we can at least rest assured that Montezuma’s Revenge will be afflicting a fair share of sombreBros…..just kidding. Sort of.

Anyway, we can’t hate too much because we still love tequila and if there’s a day where margaritas are $2 and we can eat as many tacos as we want, count us in. Even if there is a crazy cartel-related lime shortage. 🙁

Since Cinco falls on a Monday this year, that means three days of sloppy decision-making. If you’re looking for a history lesson on what Cinco de Mayo is really about, we recommend this one. But if you DGAF and just want to party, check out our picks — click your city below to see what’s happening this weekend!



We love to eat any time of year, but Cinco de Mayo is the time when restaurants and bars come up with special treats and deals for us. Here’s what some of our favorites have on deck:


N Ashland Ave
This place has been around for thirty years for a good reason. There are two locations on the same block, and both offer the same simple, stripped-down tacos — just a little meat,chopped onion, cilantro, andddd that’s about it. Still, sometimes simple is the best option, especially when the ingredients are as fresh as they are at La Pasadita. Their tacos are widely considered the best in the neighborhood, and among the best in the city.
1969 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 951-2457
Taco Joint will celebrate Cinco de Mayo with drink specials, live music and regional Mexican street fare. From Friday, May 2 to Monday, May 5, Taco Joint’s River North and Lincoln Park locations will offer $5 Herradura tequila cocktails, along with cans of Modelo Especial paired with a shot of Herradura tequila blanco for $5. If your can has a Taco Joint sticker on the bottom, you’ll receive a complimentary Taco Joint/Modelo t-shirt (why do people love free t-shirts so much?). On Monday, May 5, Taco Joint Margaritas will be offered for $5 each at both locations. In River North, a DJ will spin from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. and alfresco seating will be offered on the Ontario Street sidewalk cafe.

1515 W 18th St Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 421-1517

This spot is regularly voted one of the best Mexican eateries in the city – and its prices are also some of the best, considering the portion sizes. The regular menu includes pork chops, beef, enchiladas and tacos. Tortillas are house-made and melt around the yummy concoctions, and the tamales are tangy and perfect. This place is BYO & cash only, so if you’re thirsty stop and pick up some chelas first!

Several locations

This candy and piñata store traffics in nostalgia, offering Mexican dulces you don’t usually see in the States (think chili and tamarindo sweets, marshmallows in every color imaginable, peach-flavored ‘Pollito Asado’ lollipops, etc.) in addition to hundreds of artisan hand-made piñatas. Every year for Cinco de Mayo they also carry fake mustaches and Mexican flags – bc I guess people want to wear fake facial hair in the streets? Whatever floats your boat. Anyway, if you’ve decided to forgo the madness of bars and host your own Cinco de Mayo party, this place is the no brainer to stock up on any and everything you’ll need.


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