Clinton Hill taqueria, Cochinita, "risen from the ashes" after terrible fire

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Taco lovers in that other up and coming Brooklyn neighborhood, Clinton Hill (the G train is like the Johnny Appleseed of gentrification), were understandably crushed on July 26th when, after only a few months of being open, Cochinita posted this Facebook status: “”Cochinita is temporarily closed due to a major fire upstairs. Lots of damage but everyone is ok. We will reopen!” The restaurant, dedicated to improving New Yorkers’ appreciation and understanding of Mexican food, involved checking off taco ingredients on a menu with a pencil, then having the order input by a server with an iPad, and paying only $3.50 each. Sure, your average food cart will run you a dollar less for a taco, but these corn tortillas are made in-house and the meat comes with a humanely-raised guarantee.

And then it burned up. Whoops.

No worries, though, as just yesterday the restaurant posted the jaunty image above, announcing to its fans that it’ll be back in force this Saturday, December 3rd at noon, with a number of special offers to drum business back up.

Source: Grubstreet.