NY: Cocktail Bodega Closing Down?

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Well, that was a short run. If any of you attended Remezcla’s holiday party last year – which was held at this new LES venue –  you may remember its slushie machines, brimming with different combinations of tropical alcoholic smoothies. Or actually, you probably don’t remember them, since two of those slushies were enough to have the walls swaying along with the band.

Alas, after only seven months, Cocktail Bodega is reportedly closing  due to building issues that will require partial demolition of its basement and first floor. Bummer – the basement was my favorite part:

The good news is, the concept is not gone forever: owner Matt Levine says it’ll be “relocating” for the time being while the building undergoes renovation. [h/t to Eater NY]