Unless You’re Rick Bayless, You’re Probably Never Getting In to Cosme

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Enrique Olvera’s much-anticipated Cosme finally opened last week, and it’s already impossible to get in. The Mexican eatery has gotten an insane amount of attention over the last six months — no surprise, given that Olvera’s D.F. restaurant Pujol is considered one of the best in the world — and if you want to check it out, you’re going to have to wait. According to Food Republic, Cosme’s chef reports that reservations are already booked through the end of the year. Which means unless you have some strings to pull, you’re not getting in there until January 2015 (if you’re lucky).

Unless, that is, you’re foodie royalty like Chef Rick Bayless, who apparently made sure to stop by and sample the food while he was in town over the weekend. Time to start impersonating celebrity chefs m’ijos…