DANGER: Exploding Churros in Chile

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I have an even greater respect for the women who stalk public transportation with shopping carts full of home made churros for hungry commuters. I had no idea their profession was so dangerous.

Chile’s Supreme Court has ordered the publisher of La Tercera t0 pay the equivelant of $125,000 to 13 Chileans who tried a churro recipe published in the paper’s weekly “Mujeres” supplement back in 2004 to disastrous results. The publisher is paying individual restitutions, from as little as $279 dollars to as much as $48,000 “for one woman whose burns were particularly severe.” The court determined that the magazine failed to adequately test the recipe before publishing – if you follow it exactly, there’s a very high chance that the dough will literally explode, sending hot oil and sticky burning dough all over the place.

I’m glad these people were compensated, but now I can’t help looking at every churro I stuff in my mouth as a tiny act of bravery.