Delivery Service App ‘Caviar’ is Like Seamless, but for the 1%

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I’d say pretty much all of my “disposable” income goes to Seamless and Uber, so when news of a new food delivery service called Caviar hit the interwebs at the beginning of this year my first instinct was to clutch my wallet in terror. My bank account cannot survive more apps designed to appeal to lazy people, and if Caviar’s name broadcasts anything, it’s: EXPENSIVE LUXURY. But the Universe/Walter Mercado were looking out for me, and it turned out the service wasn’t available in my area (Brooklyn).

Until last week. Caviar has finally landed on my side of the East River, putting convenience-loving, late-working, delivery devotees like myself in danger. Are you also at risk? Here’s what you need to know:

What Makes Caviar Different than Seamless or other delivery services?

Basically, it has a prettier design and it’s more expensive. A lot more expensive. Unlike any other delivery services, Caviar charges a flat fee for all deliveries (on top of the cost of your actual meal). That seems kind of cray to a person (me) whose reaction to restaurants with delivery minimums over $10 is “k bye.” The trade off, Caviar hopes, is that it has partnered with restaurants that don’t otherwise offer delivery. And it also employees its own fleet of “food messengers,” which means faster delivery times.

Habana Outpost Cuban sandwich
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What Latino Restaurants Can I Order From?

So far 24 restaurants in Brooklyn have partnered with Caviar, and of those three serve Latin American food:

More are expected to join Caviar’s roster in the weeks to come.

Does it Deliver Anywhere in Brooklyn?

Not yet. The current delivery area is limited to: Williamsburg, Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook, Gowanus, most of Windsor Terrace, and Park Slope.

Is it Worth It?

Is gorging on Colonia Verde’s burger sandwiched between a Brazilian cheese bread bun from the comfort of your own couch worth $25?

I guess it all depends on how bad your hangover is.

The Caviar app is also available in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Washington D.C. San Jose, Cupertino, and Sunnyvale.

ETA 12/11 : Caviar has updated its $9.99 flat fee since summer — downgrading it to a more reasonable $4.99.  In cities where it is newly launched, it is waiving the free through the end of 2014.