Dominican Chefs Attempt to Break Guinness World Record for Making Mangú

Lead Photo: Photo by Scott Vogel/Newsday RM via Getty Images
Photo by Scott Vogel/Newsday RM via Getty Images
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Maria Marte, a two-Michelin star chef, is teaming up with chefs Amilkar and Pamela Gonell to break a Guinness world record for the most mangú ever prepared.

Mangú is a traditional dish from the Dominican Republic. It is considered the country’s national breakfast but can also be eaten any time of the day. It is made from boiled green plantains that are mashed and then topped with sautéed red onions.

Marte and her crew will attempt to break the record by making 1,200 pounds of mangú at the Flavor Fusion Fest at The Hudson in New York City on Friday, October 1.

Marte, who was the head chef at El Club Allard in Madrid, Spain, is the only female chef in the city that has earned two Michelin stars. In the culinary world, the Michelin Guide is an influential system used to rate restaurants with 1-3 stars. Restaurants that receive two stars are deemed to have “excellent cooking, worth a detour.”

There are several Guinness world records that people can attempt to break in the kitchen if they’re up for the challenge. In 2019, chefs in New York broke a world record by making the largest serving of guacamole at 9,090 lbs.; which called for 8,800 sliced avocados, 1,000 pounds of whole avocados, 700 diced tomatoes, and 125 pounds of kosher salt, among other ingredients.

Earlier this week, the world record for the longest chimichanga was broken in Phoenix, Arizona. The deep-fried, Tex-Mex burrito measured 25 feet and seven inches. And hopefully, Marte and the rest of her team will break records too with their mangú.