Food: Mesa Coyoacan's new trailer will provide late-night eats

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The owners of popular Graham Avenue Mexican restaurant Mesa Coyoacan will be opening up a satellite location in the former space of the 3rd Ward’s cafe Goods (corner of Metropolitan and Lorimer), signalling the latest shot across the bow in the war for Williamsburg Mexican Food Supremacy. The semi-enclosed lot will house a shiny 1946 Spartan trailer (pictured above: a 1946 Spartan, but not the 1946 Spartan) which the 3rd Ward found abandoned up in Ithaca; the trailer will serve as a kitchen and a counter, and the space will boast table service, draft beers, and margaritas, ideally from 8AM to 5AM in order to take advantage of early morning commuters and late-night revelers returning home from nights of debauchery.

The new spot will be called Zona Rosa, after a neighborhood in DF that was apparently a really swinging place to be in the 50’s and 60’s. The retro, art-deco look of the trailer and of the coming decor will really hammer home the feel of what co-owner Jorge Boetto calls “the golden age of Mexico.”

Zona Rosa is set to open in April.

Source: DNAinfo