Food that hits the Spot

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The Spot has been bringing you art, film, fútbol, dancing, music, music, and more music. But what would a Latino celebration be without that most central of celebratory elements? No, we don’t mean abuelita being accidentally racist after one too many coquitos. We mean food! The Spot has been graced by some of NYC’s finest Latin food vendors, and there’s a whole week left of events to sample their wares. Check out the vendors peddling delicious treats for your gustatory pleasure.


Bongo Bros – Brothers Albert and Danny Teran have been working in the food service industry since their teen years, working their way up from washing dishes and serving to accomplishing their lifelong dream of opening a Cuban food service dedicated to sharing the food they grew up with. (It helps that Albert Tico is a graduate of the New York Restaurant School). It’s hard to miss their bright yellow and red truck parked outside The Spot. In addition to their usual delicious menu, be sure to check out their specials. (Last time I went, the special was a delicious arroz con pollo.) Oh and don’t forget: everything tastes better with their amazing garlic mojo.

You can still catch them … well actually, you can’t. Unfortunately, the Bongo Bros truck won’t be making any further appearances at The Spot, but if you follow them to where they say they’ll be on Twitter we promise it’s not technically stalking.

Empanadas Paradise – This elusive vendor doesn’t have a web presence, but they’re already a Brooklyn staple and have recently started parking outside Union Square and in the Meatpacking District. Their truck even says “NYC Mobile Eatery” rather than their real name – they’re incognito! – and they serve up  beef, cheese, and chicken empanadas like baking ninjas, their low profile belying their huge taste.

You can still catch them outside the screening of Downtown Calling on July 27th and the Vico C/Mala Rodriguez show on July 29th.

Korilla BBQAn interesting (and tasty!) fusion sure to please. Meats and veggies are cooked up by a “grillmasta” Korean style, and then served up in tacos and burritos. Trippy? Sure, but that’s the point. The world is getting smaller and it’s making the food better.

You can still catch them at the Our Latin Thing/Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra concert on July 28th, which makes sense, because the WSO and Korilla are both awesome stylistic mashups!

La NewYorkina Recently featured on Remezcla, La NewYorkina’s Fany Gerson brings this Mexican Summer treat to New York’s streets. With native flavors like mango-piquin, avocado, queso fresco y fresas and nieve de jalapeño, La NewYorkina comes all the way from the Highline to visit The Spot and cool down our daytime loungers. Don’t miss out.

You can still catch them at The Spot Lounge on Saturday, July 30th.