From Pumpkin Spice to Everything Bagel, These Tortilla Flavors Are Something Else

Lead Photo: Credit: carlosrojas20
Credit: carlosrojas20
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It looks like Mission Foods, a Texas-based manufacturer of tortillas and tortilla-related products, has caught the attention of at least one grocery shopper over its decision to produce unconventional flour tortillas.

The tortillas in question include some packaged as “Sweet Hawaiian” flour tortillas and “Everything Bagel” flour tortillas. “Sweet Hawaiian” bread is Portuguese sweet bread eaten in Hawaiian cuisine and that most Americans know under brands like King’s Hawaiian. “Everything Bagel” is a popular seasoning that includes ingredients like sesame seeds, sea salt, garlic, onion, and poppy seeds.


who did this!?!?! who is buying these? what is happening.#tortillas #whodidthis#explainyourself

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In a video posted by @onyxsonal, the TikTok user records herself reacting to seeing the two new packages of tortillas on her grocery store shelves. “What the fresh, like, f—?” she says as she picks at the “Everything Bagel” packaging.

She continues: “Uh, it gets better,” she says as she points her camera to the “Sweet Hawaiian” flour tortillas. “What the f—?” The caption on her video reads: “Explain yourselves right.”

One person in the comment section pointed out that they’ve seen other tortillas like pumpkin spice and chocolate. A quick Google search reveals that Mama Lupe’s packages pumpkin spice-flavored and chocolate-flavored tortillas. They also make ranch-flavored, churro-flavored, and buffalo-flavored ones too.

While there were a few people commenting that they didn’t know what to think about the tortilla flavors or that they wouldn’t try them, most people were intrigued by the options. Some even left their positive reviews. “OK, I had the same reaction to the Everything Bagel, and then bought them and made breakfast tacos … they were amazing,” @Guacward77 wrote.

Guess the lesson learned here is not to knock it till you try it. “Pro tip … Sweet Hawaiian ones are great with carnitas,” @stgger wrote. 

We guess we know what we’ll be bringing to the next carne asada. We can’t promise, however, that there won’t be at least a couple of eye rolls from people only interested in the homemade kind.